Additional Marketing Tools Provided By Ampboy Marketing

Lead Capture Page Boss
This is a content management system that includes capture, squeeze and landing pages with a database of all your prospects. You will receive both email and/or SMS notification of new prospects as they come through your capture pages. Many capture pages are 100% customizable. There are customizable autoresponders and a lot more.
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Guru SMS Crusher
SMS Marketing is the most responsive form of digital marketing today. People carry their phones all the time and they love to check for text messages. With this software you will be able to find millions of SMS numbers to market to. Watch a 4 minute video to understand how powerful this is. Complete training is provided on how to use the software and the options you have for sending thousands of text messages each month.
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Guru Lead Crusher
With this software you are able to take a keyword and find associated emails or phone numbers on the Internet. Without writing a lot about it just visit the website, download the trial version and test it for yourself.
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Replication Pro
Do you need your own replicating marketing system? Whether you run an insurance company, a sales team for any industry or are marketing a product or service within affilaite or network marketing, these replicating systems are a solution to running large affiliate programs that track referrals, have landing pages that are personalized for every person automatically and have auto response emails, SMS notification and a lot more.
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Ampboy Emailer
Do you need an email solution that will send out up to 4,800 emails per day and has a list suppression feature to remove known bad emails and honey pots? This may be just what you are looking for. Currently there is no website but there is a YouTube video that demonstrates the web-based emailer and then there is a subscription button on the Lead Capture Page Boss website.
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