Q: How many URLs am I allowed to enter into the rotator?
A: You are allowed as many URLs as you want. We run an UNLIMITED rotator. Free users are allowed one rotator link while Pro users are allowed an unlimited number of rotators in their account.

Q: What kind of sites are not allowed to be used in the rotator?
A: You are not allowed to include any adult content, illegal content, or other rotators and if these kinds of pages are found on your account it may be terminated immediately without refund. We do not let you use other rotators because we allow for an unlimited number of sites, so you should not need to use them. They also make your page load slower and tracking links can be disrupted.

Q: How many rotators can I have as a Free Member?
A: You will get 1 Rotator.

Q: How many rotators can I have as a Pro Member?
A: Pro users get an Unlimited number of Rotators

Q: Can I remove the advertisement from my rotator?
A: Yes you can remove the advertisement by upgrading your account to pro .

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!


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